Senior Relocation

Downsizing, packing, and moving into a new home is a lot of work. Let us help you with the process!

Downsizing, packing, moving out of the original home and into a new home is a lot of work! Add to that potentially preparing the original home for sale and you have a long “to do” list! Let us help you with the process.

We can perform all aspects of setting up the new home:

  • Unpacking boxes
  • Setting up the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Hanging pictures
  • Hooking up electronics
  • Making beds
  • Removing packing materials and garbage

We can also organize and supervise preparation of the original home:

  • Coordinating charity and donation pick ups
  • Arranging for cleaners
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Landscaping or snow removal
  • Light repairs
  • Selection of a competent realtor

Tell us how we can help!​

Contact us today and we will answer any questions you have and can arrange a suitable time for a complementary in-home visit.