Must-Have Packing Materials

Did you ever think about the packing supplies required to properly move your possessions? Probably not! Having the correct supplies and properly packing your items will keep your belongings safe during the move.

You receive the benefit of our storage experience and moving supplier contacts when you hire Move Coordinators! Our prices include mover quality packing materials.

Using Packing and Moving Supplies

  • Boxes and Fillers: When moving items, it’s important to use the correct size boxes. We supply a wide range of boxes, from small to extra-large. Smaller boxes are good for books, glasses and dishes and other heavier items. The extra-large boxes are great to store pillows, linens and lamp shades. It is best to put lighter items in the larger boxes and heavier items in the smaller boxes. If possible, use the original boxes for electronic items. If not, there are boxes and filler available to protect these items. There are also TV sized boxes available for your larger electronics. Clothing, coats, comforters and drapery should be stored hanging in wardrobe boxes. If you are keeping documents, consider using file boxes to keep documents organized. We pack boxes with fillers like bubble wrap, peanut packing material or newsprint to give added protection to your goods.
  • Mattress Covers: Specialty mattress moving bags are used to protect mattresses and box springs from damage, dirt and moisture during moving.
  • Various Other Supplies: Quality packing tape is a must have to secure the boxes and seal them from dirt and moisture. We also bring along a tool kit for any disassembly or repair situations. Markers and box cutters are also standard supplies in our kit. We also use zip lock bags for smaller items, and to keep bolts and screws with any items being taken apart for moving.

Unpacking is a standard service many clients ask for. The best part of Move Coordinators providing the unpack? We take away all of the packing materials! It is like the move never even occurred when we leave the new home!

Move Coordinators will provide you with all the packing and moving supplies you might need for your downsize and move. Contact us today for more information