How Move Coordinators Came to Be

Why? Why was this service needed? Why did we open Move Coordinators?

My decision to evolve and gather all my experiences and become a Senior Move Manager with a new business, Move Coordinators, came from the realization that moving can truly be an awful experience for so many people.

In my 29 years with Sentinel Storage, I observed everyone stressing over all the facets of moving themselves and trying to handle the many tasks of a move on their own. The senior population especially struggled to get the job done, sometimes without friends or family able to help them at this difficult time.

Repeatedly, seniors sat in our reception area and were visibly shaken by the onerous task. Meanwhile, I also observed the ‘cheapest mover’ in town damaging their property as they carelessly unloaded. I’d ask myself “is there no one to help this poor soul?”

One afternoon, a very spirited and feisty senior hired a taxi, and moved her items in, car load by car load, into her storage unit. The kind driver loaded the cart, and helped her place the items in her space. Her tenacity amazed me! What a task to move by taxi.

I witnessed many emotional moments over the years, and meltdowns were a common occurrence. Storage facilities were the stage for customers to argue, cry, vent and show visible signs of exhaustion.  There was No doubt about it, moving is an awful job.

Not just families, or seniors, but to increase the stress, add on the additional factor of a death in the family, or a sickness, making a move necessary and time-sensitive. Some other reasons for a stressful move came from a divorce, job loss, or other financial difficulty. And just to add more stress, the moving industry has their own share of unprofessional, unethical movers. If you don’t think it can get any worse, imagine having your mover holding your possessions ransom for more money! Unfortunately, it happens.

So, from witnessing the struggles in the industry, we created Move Coordinators. When people need to make a move, they look around – there is so much stuff! When you’re preparing for a move, there is a sense of excitement, and sometimes fear.

Where do you begin dismantling a lifetime of memories, and taking 3-bedroom home to a 1 bedroom condo? Call us! We bring a tool box of choices and services and create a custom plan to tackle your stuff.

Allow us to assist you with the may details of a move. Just like a wedding planner can alleviate a lot of the worries of an upcoming wedding, a qualified move manager can reduce stress, save you time and money.

Call us today and discuss how we can assist with your moving experience.