E & S Johnson and Family

I made this about as brief as I figured I could, I cut out Paul’s move as it made the story complicated & bumpy to read. I figure it covers the important bits but you may wish to make your own editions:

It did not immediately occur to me that there might be specific help given our situation. From Winnipeg, there had to a way to handle my elderly mother’s move within an Edmonton care home. Karen and her team were absolutely fantastic and handled literally everything while keeping mom very happy. We did not know at that time Karen would help us again in the near future.

Months later, mom and ourselves decided she should move from the Edmonton care home to a new care home in Winnipeg to be near us. We all got to work coordinating plan with Move Coordinators. Karen moved mom to an available temporary suite keeping her in familiar surroundings with only what she needed until arriving in Winnipeg while the rest of her belongings were moved. Mom’s new suite was to be completely set up in Winnipeg before she arrived. A short timeline to the actual move was an additional challenge to having mom in a temporary suite only as long as necessary.

As I headed to Edmonton so as to accompany mom on the return trip, the unpacking in Winnipeg was already taking place ahead of schedule. By the time we returned to Winnipeg my mother’s suite was beautifully arranged & decorated. Even the new piece of furniture we needed was already purchased, unpacked, assembled & placed.

It was just as important that mom was comforted & pleased as we met our timeline. Karen and her teammates managed to make all of those things happen and somehow made it look easy.