Cindy H

I was looking around for a “Senior Mover” specifically someone that specializes in this type of move. I had contacted a couple of places and when I reached Karen it was a whole different ball game. Karen had the confidence I was looking for just from a telephone call plus, this is important, she offered to come over, free of charge and give me a rough estimate. I knew at that point no matter what, I would be hiring Move Coordinators and Karen for this move.

She came in two days before the move and started packing and we were going through the downsizing experience, from 1100 sq. ft. two bedroom down to 450 sq. ft. one bedroom in a seniors independent living apartment. That is no easy task and we didn’t have much time, as previous plans had fallen through. Karen is a fantastic person, keeping me calm the whole way. She is a hard worker, a friend in need, wonderful personality and confident, lets not forget compassionate!!

On moving day she was there prior to the movers, whom she used for the move. The moment they showed up is when everything kicked into high gear. I found it hard to sit and watch but I was dealing with an issue that would not allow me to help. Karen and Leanne took control, very professional and I only had to say “storage or not” lol. Leanne works for Move Coordinators, she was also there with just as much professionalism as Karen. We tend to hire people like ourselves when we see how they do and she is a great fit for the business. Even with the off load, if there was no room for the item or box, the movers put it back on the truck for storage. They were eager to please and helped put a few things together, etc.

May I say, the movers were great too. In about 2 to 2.5 hours they were loaded with professionalism, and off we went to the new home. Eager Beaver was the mover and they work great with Karen, you could see it and tell by how they communicated with each other. I would recommend them as a mover for any move, if they are available.

She knows several people in the industry. Also every reference she gave me I have used or will be using. I trusted who she referred to me.

I would DEFINITELY recommend Karen Bodoano of Move Coordinators to move a loved one, or in my case, move me. You can trust they will be in the best hands.

I could go on and on but will end with…The best thing I did was hire Karen of Move Cooridinators and her helper Leanne! You will know what I mean when you hire Karen to move your loved one. She will have them at ease immediately, and very well looked after. Karen takes charge.

Thank you Karen, I am so happy I called you and got to meet you. I didn’t feel like I was just a customer, it was a lot more then that.