Joan Swain

Karen and her lovely assistants Brenda and Wendy have been a lifesaver for me over the past five or six months. They have provided me with endless help and encouragement, not to mention packing up a household whose residents – my husband and I – lived in for 45 years. I was pretty sure of most things I wanted to keep, but had I been indecisive, they would have been a great help in deciding what was important and what could be let go of. They recommended antique dealers that could appraise and take my many antiques and the movers Eager Beaver Moving. The movers were fantastic – reasonably priced and prompt, careful, dedicated to detail such as runners placed, furniture wrapped in clean blankets, careful storage in truck, etc..

I was so impressed with the fact that when they finished the unloading, they each approached me, shook my hand and wished me well in my new home.

Karen and her girls were absolutely wonderful. They wrapped and packed my artwork and old family portraits with the utmost care and precision. I’m sure that they must have wondered where on earth I was going to put everything I wanted to take, but never said a word about how crazy I was! I felt badly for Karen as she had badly damaged her ankle in May, but carried on like a trooper with her “boot” and I’m sure she must have been hurting a lot at times, but never complained. This has been a very unusual and difficult move as I am still not where my possessions are, but living in a hotel with others whose condos are not available at present. Karen was so helpful in getting into my condo and retrieving things that I hadn’t thought to bring as we were not sure how long we would be here, and we had no access as it was still a construction site.

So she and her assistants were totally wonderful and I can’t wait for phase two, the unpacking to begin! You would indeed be in good hands with Karen and her girls. I highly recommend them.